Welcome to the Golden-Bull Bulldogs website.

       I'm Imre Nyulas. I live in a garden city of Budapest, Hungary. With my son Zsolt, we founded our Bulldog kennel in 1994, where first of all we are out for the quality and not for the quantity , We plan our breeding to produce mainly our next show dogs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep all the pups. Therefore we do selective pre-screening of potential buyers for the remainder of our pups. This is a hobby and passion, it is not a business.
        We breeding this wonderful breed with great amusement. . We follow with attention the breeding tendencies of the U.K . and frequently visit the most remarkable dog-shows. We specialize in bloodlines from some of the top English bulldog breeders in the UK. During the past years we imported several male bulldogs from the famous kennels of England,example Ocobo Beholder, Major Minor at Ocobo, Brampton's Double Douglas, Merriveen Take That, Medbull Next Edition, Merriveen Touch of Luck, they taken part actively in our breeding programme.
         With our bulldogs we regularly participate in the prestigious dog-shows of Europe and with our excellent results we are trying to preserve the fame of bulldogs.
        In the year 2005 the Bulldog Section in Hungary was founded, which I am the president of. The aim of the Hungary Bulldog Section is to up grade the prestige of the Hungarian bulldog breeders, also it matters a lot to organise special bulldog shows where judges are world famous breed specialist from the UK.
         As a result of my work some special bulldog show were organised succesfully: The first one was held in October 2005 with Mr. Normann Davis(Ocobo) , the second was organised in March 2006 with Mr. Chriss Carberry ( Berrybrook), the third one took place in October 2006 with Mr. Brian Taylor (Bramor), the fourth was in May 2007 with Mr. Tony Darmanin (Sutus) and the fifth was in October 2007 with Mr. Peter Robson. The show reports of these famous judges convinced me to continue the work.

Nyulas Zsolt & Nyulas Imre